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Castle Hill Gold Class

Completed 2009
Budget $8,000,000


Senior Designer
Detailing + Documentation
Services Coordination
Project Administration
Work completed whilst at
Indyk Architects pty Ltd

Awards + Publications

2009 IES NSW Lighting Design
Commendation Award
2010 Book: 21st Century Bars
Images Publishers Australia
Online: Total
Featured Venue 2010

Team + Credits

Team: Giulio Gasperini
Felicity Gill + Shelley Indyk
Builder: Built Constructions
Lighting: Point of View
Services: Fairbairn Engineering
Joinery: JCS Joinery
Photographs by Richard Weinstein
+ Catherine Bakker

Indyk Architects was approached by Greater Union, to create the flagship Gold Class Cinema for their new branding as Events Cinemas. The 450m2 space was broken into smaller ‘rooms’ through the use of colour, light and built elements. Upon entry a backlit bulkhead snakes its way around the central bar. The lit boxes filled with looped old cinema film pays homage to the end of the projection cinema era. To the left, modular lounges weave their way between reclaimed telegraph poles and acrylic tubes filled with up-lit fabric. The dying moments of a bushfire, embers still glowing. Adjacent is a lounge of repeating angled banquettes, high backed to create intimate niches. The cinema entrance is highlighted with backlit honeycombed fibreglass-like panels. A watery digitised image flows behind the numbers inviting you into the cinemas