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Embassy Theatre Lounge

Completed 2012
Budget $4,500,000


Senior Designer
Detailing + Documentation
Services Coordination
Team coordination during
construction in New Zealand
with DGSE Architects
Work completed whilst at
Indyk Architects pty Ltd

Awards + Publications

2012 Winner of NZ
Architectural Awards:
'Interior within Heritage Context'
2012 Article: INTERIOR magazine
2012 Air NZ Inflight magazine

Team + Credits

Overview by Shelley Indyk
Lighting: Point of View
Cinemas: DGSE
Heritage: Russell Murray
Photographs by Paul McCredie
+ Catherine Bakker

The Wellington heritage listed Embassy Theatre, built in 1924, was partially renovated in 2003, remaining unfinished until 2012. With a strong existing architectural style, it was imperative to create a bar and lounge with respect. A lush, elegant space was created, reflecting the 1920s style, without mimicking it. Old tiles were restored, incorporating a new fireplace. The Carrara marble, so prominent in the existing foyer, was used throughout the new space, to connect the areas and to maintain the high quality of finishes. Linking the foyer to the new bar, a 15m long corridor uses a simple optical illusion to shorten the journey. Alternating, leaning arches, create a curious herringbone effect, enticing you down towards the lounge. Upon arrival, the lounge explodes in a rich tone of plush fabrics and playful lighting.