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Clara Street Studio, Newtown

Completed March 2020
Budget $200,000


Principal + Senior Designer
Detailing + Documentation
Council Coordination
Services + Onsite Coordination
Interior Design
Lighting Design

Team + Credits

Builder: Shoi Co Pty Ltd
Photographs: Matthew Syres Photography
Studio Cabinet: Nick Kettley

The Innerwest of Sydney loves a good quirky building or two. A chamfered two storey studio building, with playful offset windows, sits neatly in the back garden of an existing federation single storey Semi. Between the two, a light filled bath house.

I worked closely with the owner, who sourced second hand objects. We worked them into the design so colours and styles coordinated, resulting in a new build, with love an soul. A blue enameled Art Deco basin is paired with handmade blue tiles in the bath house, while an old timber refrigerator is updated to become a bathroom cabinet in the studio bathroom, an art deco mirror and light suspended above. The light and airfilled studio loft, with its 3 angled ceiling and playful offset windows, is warmed through the inclusion of remilled, recycled, hardwood timber floors, stairs and balustrade.