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Paddington Inn Hotel

Completed 2007
Budget $3,000,000


Design, Detailing + Documentation
Services + Project Administration
Work completed whilst at
Indyk Architects pty Ltd

Awards + Publications

2008 Shortlist Australian Interior Design Awards
2007 ALIA award for best renovation
2007 Australian Hotelier Venue
Award: 'Renovation of the Year'
2010 Book: 21st Century Bars
Images Publishers Australia
2010 Book: Atlas of World Interiors
Braun Publishers Switzerland
2008 Book: World Hyper Interior
Shoten Kenchiku Publishers Japan
2008 Article: Venue Magazine 21

Team + Credits

Team: Brett Davis, Sara Orcasitas Ruilope Shelley Indyk, + Zul Idris
Graphics: Sam Goates
Builder: Infinity Constructions
Lighting: POV, Joinery: JCS Joinery
Photographs by Murray Fredericks
+ Catherine Bakker

Scooped from the centre of the old Paddington Inn Hotel, a central courtyard brings light into what was previously a dark unused zone. Strong structural steel, lined with glass and aluminium elements create a bright yet calm core to the building. The daylit Oxford street bar, connects seamlessly to rear moody evening bar space. Lined with felt acoustic panels, furnished with red leather banquettes, the space; a comfortable lounge, settles you in for the evening. A little nook with an uplit timber stepped ceiling adds a unique fullstop to the space, while a first floor terrace adds another layer of play. The first floor terrace, like the ground floor courtyard uses custom graphics to create an abstract garden notion, juxtaposing the strong geometric form of the supporting structure.