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Residential Gardens

Highlight projects include:
Fotheringham Garden 2007-ongoing
Penna Courtyard 2002
Union Terrace Courtyard 2002
Leichhardt Garden 1995


Senior Designer, Plant selection
Construction Coordination
Ongoing Maintenance

Awards + Publications

Hunters Hill Courtyard 2002 Vogue Magazine

Team + Credits

Photographs by Catherine Bakker +
Con Panagopoulos of Spinpix

Designed environments should never just finished at the outside skin of the building, instead stretching and bending to include external garden spaces. Gardens become rooms, defining areas and views. Courtyards are used as a manner of bringing natural light into the heart of dark spaces, while plants become a focus, or stand back as a texture. Having studied 6 years of Agriculture during High School, my interests fell to Landscape Design along side Architecture. A thesis on Japanese Garden Design written during my university years deepened my knowledge, while the design for the Penna family courtyard in Hunters Hill, my first project in an Architectural office in 2000 was a wonderful stepping stone into the landscape realm. Ever since, I have enjoyed integrating outdoor spaces into projects working often with Landscape designers such as Craig Burton.