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Highlight projects include:
Robina Events Cinema Foyer 2010
Carindale Gold Class Lounge 2012
Castle hill Gold Class lounge 2009
Illawarra Hotel 2007
Paddington Inn 2007
Darlo Bar 2007
Embassy Theatre 2012
Miranda Events Cinema 2015


Senior Designer
Detailing and Documentation
Work completed whilst at
IndykArchitects Pty Ltd

Team + Credits

Photographs by Murray Fredericks,
Richard Weinstein, Paul McCredie
Brett Boardman + myself
Gary Bebbington of JCS Group

With a close connection between Architecture and Interior Design, I have never felt that this is as far as the design commitment should go. Joinery design alongside lighting, graphic design and landscape design allows one to experience a space from all sensory and scale perspectives. Above are several key projects where the joinery has become a major contributing factor in defining the space. The pieces are integral, creating smaller intimate rooms within rooms or becoming one with the adjacent surfaces. Modular items allow for budget rationalisation while one off key pieces such as the Vanity unit at Castle Hill Gold Class bathrooms, define an entire room. Sculptural, textural and interesting, the one off joinery pieces bring these projects to a higher level of design integration and experience.